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Generate KML (PhysicalOceanography)

    Ocean Observing Buoys and Stations(0)
    Annual Mean Offshore Wind Speed m/s(1)
    Water Depth(2)
    Submarine Canyons(4)
    Contours - Mean Annual Offshore Wind Speed (m/s)(5)
    60-meter Bathymetry Contour(6)
    Percent Sediment Type - Granule and pebble(9)
    Percent Sediment Type - Mud(11)
    Percent Sediment Type - Sand(12)
    Percent Sediment Type - Steep/Deep(13)
    Sediment Data Density(14)
    Sediment Diversity(15)
    Percent Sediment Type - Boulder(16)
    Percent Sediment Type - Cobble(17)
    Median bottom stress (Pa), Annual(7)
    Median bottom stress (Pa), Winter(18)
    Median bottom stress (Pa), Spring(19)
    Median bottom stress (Pa), Summer(20)
    Median bottom stress (Pa), Fall(21)
    Median bottom stress (Pa)(22)
    Federal Ocean Observing Buoys and Stations(26)
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