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      Water Trails(1)
      Boat Launches(2)
      All Recreational Boater Activities(3)
      Recreational Diving(4)
      Recreational Fishing(5)
      Recreational Relaxing(6)
      Recreational Swimming(7)
      Recreational Wildlife Viewing(8)
      Recreational Target Fish Species(9)
      Recreational Target Wildlife Viewing(10)
      All Individual Ocean Uses(11)
      Shore Based Activities(12)
      Surface Water Activities(13)
      Wildlife and Sightseeing(14)
      Diving and Snorkeling(15)
      REEF Dive Sites and Reports(32)
      Recreational SCUBA Diving Areas(16)
      Distance Sailing Races(18)
      Recreational Boater Routes(19)
      Recreational Boating Density(20)
      Board and Paddle Events(21)
      Commercial Whale Watching(31)
        Whale Watching Locations(30)
        Commercial Whale Watching Areas(29)
      Wrecks and Obstructions(23)
      Federally Recognized Tribal Locations(24)
      Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary(25)
      National Register of Historic Places: Sites and Landmarks(26)
      National Register of Historic Places: Districts and Properties(27)
      National Park Service Boundaries(28)
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