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      Principal Port(43)
      Pilot Boarding(60)
        Pilot Boarding Station(2)
        Pilot Boarding Area(41)
      Unexploded Ordnance(47)
        Unexploded Ordnance Point(49)
        Unexploded Ordnance Polygon(48)
      Ocean Disposal(46)
        Active Ocean Disposal Site(34)
        Inactive Ocean Disposal Site(50)
        CAD and Other Disposal Area(33)
      Deepwater Port(45)
      Aids To Navigation(44)
      Danger Zones Restricted Areas(58)
      Area to be avoided(42)
      Federal Navigation Project(40)
      Anchorages Area(39)
      Precautionary Area(38)
      Recommended Route(37)
      Traffic Lane(36)
      Safety, Security, and Regulated Zone(35)
      Submarine Cable(11)
      COLREGS Demarcation Line(57)
      Submarine Cable Area(32)
      Submarine Pipeline Area(31)
      Wrecks and Obstructions(30)
      Marine Mammal Seasonal Management Area(29)
      No Discharge Zones(9)
      Isles of Shoals North Disposal Site (designated 9-25-20)(61)
      Navigation Channels(62)
      USCG MA RI PARS Study Areas(63)
      Proposed Ambrose Anchorage Ground(64)
      USCG MA NH ME PARS Study Area(65)
      MNM PARS Recommended Fairways(71)
      USCG Safety Zone: South Fork Wind Farm Project Area(72)
        South Fork Wind Turbine Generators(73)
        South Fork Safety Zones(74)
      USCG Proposed Safety Zones - South Fork Wind Farm Project Area(78)
        South Fork Wind Turbine Generators(79)
        South Fork Proposed Safety Zones(80)
      USCG Safety Zone: Vineyard Wind 1 Wind Farm Project Area(75)
        Vineyard Wind 1 Wind Turbine Generators(76)
        Vineyard Wind 1 Safety Zones(77)
      USCG Safety Zone: Revolution Wind Farm Project Area(81)
        Revolution Wind Turbine Generators(82)
        Revolution Wind Safety Zones(83)
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